English meaning: a k. of grass
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Grasart”
    Note: Root ai-rü : “a k. of grass” is a reduced root *ai-tra from which derived also Root ai-tro- : “bitter, sharp”.
    Material: O.Ind. ērakü “ a grass kind “, Gk. αἶρα “ weed in the wheat, ryegrass, darnel “ αἰρικός, αἴρινος “ from ryegrass, darnel “), Ltv. aĩres, aĩrenes “ ryegrass, darnel “. maybe through metathesis Alb. (*aĩres > ēser) egjër “Lolium temulentum, ryegrass, darnel” [common Alb. -s- > -gj- shift].
    References: WP. I 12, Specht Decl. 2061.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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